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Group project

1384800162260 this project was challenging to me because I could not find the blue color that our group wanted to use on this project,. word that our group used was splash and we had hard time putting letter because if our group used the darker blue we can not see the word. Another thing was if we used the darker blue on the word it would be hard for people to see the letter. Some how we find our ways to finish this project in class.

The Field Trip of Richard Hollis of Artists Space

¬†This field trip to Richard Hollis of Artists Space was awesome .¬†Richard Hollis ¬†did a lot of work by hand in 1900’s and still does his work by hand what I mean by that is he does not use new technology to do his work today. It give a feel of antique. He¬†¬†demonstrated the key aspect of war and downfalls propaganda and he astonish his public. I had a great time viewing Richard Hollis art work.

Assignment #3 : final

CAM00010Untitled-1¬†¬†This is my a¬†broad range I use photoshop I think this is my best one because I can see that focal point is in the middle. My value range does work in my broad range.CAM00011CAM00007¬†This is my narrow range one. I did painting on my narrow range one and I don’t think this is my best work because in this narrow range one my paint that I did look awful and can find focal point on my painting because I got confuse when I painted this narrow range one.