I’m Michaela lets start off by saying that and welcome to my site !

Here’s a little about me, and my background I was born and raised in Brooklyn moved to Queens about ten years ago crazy change for me but adapted as one does. I always had artsy spirit and style since i was child i use to love to draw and create when i had the chance whether it be for school or for fun. I enrolled knowing this but somehow stuck in the Human Services program things quickly changed when i realized i didn’t have the passion for it but i did however have it for Communication Design.

I began my first semester like a fish out of water and i knew this was the major for me. Though it was intimidating at first, having so many peers with as much knowledge and talent that I saw and wondered should i be here self doubt was factor at the time. But as time grew on the more comfortable i became and knowledgeable myself, things started to change and i found a love for Typography . My Type & Media class was the best introduction I could of ever gotten to the world of design and just overall program knowledge when it came to the Adobe CC.

Design has taught me a lot of things that i didn’t think was possible and that i never seen before. In the future i see myself teaching others such as, high school students more about design not just focus on Art. But for now Im a Sophomore who can’t wait to learn more and see where life takes me after i finally graduate with my BFA.