Hi, my name is Muntu Jahju-Joyles and I’m a student at city tech. I’ve taken a STEM class in high school, there I learned how to code and use different aspects of technology. I’m majoring in Communications design. I’m looking forward to learning different skills such as advertising and utilizing technology to exude my creativity.

My interest with Art sparked from a young age, as I was intrigued with cartoons specifically marvel. I was fascinated by how detailed the characters were drown out and transferred digitally. This interest me to apply for a STEM program that focused on science, technology, environment and math, in this program I learned how to create and modify technology by incorporating different aspects of science and technology. The technology aspect stud out to me as it allowed me to use my creativity, it incorporated things such as coding, creating websites, creating alarms, censors and even stop lights. Coming up with ideas of how to better the environment by using technology.

This lead me into creating a YouTube channel, which also gave me the platform to express my creative endeavors an use editors and software such as in design and photo shop.I also strike interest in traditional art such as sketching and painting. My hope is to leave City tech with experience and knowledge that will enhance my skills.