Melissa_Sanchez_ Case Study 2

On October 2018 the floor collapsed during a party held in a meeting room of a residential building and 29 people were injured. In order to investigate the cause of the collapse the occupant load capacity of the room is need it to compare it to how many people were in the room at the time of the collapse, also its need it to take a look at the structural plans of the room to see if the room had the capacity to support people dancing on it or if it was design to only support people seating on it since it is a meeting room after all and not a dance floor, See what materials were used to reinforce the floor in case of poor material choice caused the floor to collapse. These things will help to determine if the collapse was caused by the occupants in the room or by poor construction of the room.

If the accident was caused by the occupant’s overloading the room, then the fraternity most be hold accountable for the damage cause on the building and injures caused on the people. But if it was the structural engineer’s fault then the construction company should respond.

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