Case study #1 Fernando Gonzalez

It’s unfortunate how many times a preventable incident occurs because of a silly approval. Especially in New York City, where some projects are quickly approved and constructed without the absolute knowledge of all parties. This case study is a prime example of getting work done quickly and inefficiently. An architect is responsible for many aspects in a complex project such as the clients needs, development, and construction. 

What’s unfortunate is when a client, who hires you, is in agreement with an unsafe idea, like using the wrong content of cement. Cement is critical and significant to the concrete building phase and affects the structure in the long term. As an architect, a prime concern to always be aware of is safety and durability. We are trained for moments that require leadership and quick action, even when the client is against the decision.

 A professional should always be five steps ahead and provide options instead of quickly reaching a significant conclusion that affects all involved. In a moment like the cement issue, if there is a disagreement still, then there is no choice but to not approve the contractor’s requisition. It’s a decision that prevents future consequences for the superintendent and architect.

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