Assignment 02 | Case Study #1

As a professional, the responsibilities of an Architect are to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the people. Architects find possible solutions to problems that need to be addressed regarding the site and/or community the site will be serving/housing with given restrictions. An architect communicates with the engineers, builders and clients in order to organize each project. Preparations of the specifications, plans and cost estimates for each project should be handled as well. The architect should ensure that other works do not interfere with the design plans.

The Architect in this case has discovered that the superintendent of construction has been cheating on the cement content of the concrete. This will result in the concrete not reaching the full strength which is required for this project according to specifications and by the building code. The architect should review the requisition including the month’s concrete work and submit/report it to the Department of Buildings proving/stating the errors. If anything were to happen to the building structurally, the Architect would be at fault. Therefore, the Architect should cease any money transactions as well as construction work until the issues have been resolved.

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