Case Study #1-Ivan Cruz

In this situation there are many problems the architect is facing. The architect required a certain amount of concrete mixture to use to follow regulations and code. However, the owner had the audacity to go behind the architect’s back and select a less efficient concrete for the purpose of saving money. The contractor also was aware of this scheme as he also was in thisĀ  agreement with owner without the architect’s approval. As architects this could be a big problem not only in the future construction of the building but also safety for the public and also the architect’s job is on the line if it goes wrong. There is a lack of communication between the architect and the owner as well as between the architect and the contractor.

Safety is really important. We have to make sure everything is correct and signed off that way there are no major problems in the future. The architect should hold off and not sign the requested concrete from the owner. In a project all three, the architect, the contractor and the owner need to come into agreement in the end about all the information. However, the owner and contractor did not follow this and now the architect’s job is in danger. One solution the architect can take into action is hold off on signing it and go to the Department of Buildings and report the construction company and gather everyone together. That way they can resolve the problem together and there won’t be any issues

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