The position I would like in the building industry or my dream job would have to be working for a firm that specializes in the design of commercial buildings. I have always liked spaces that a multitude of people could live under rather than residential or small-scale buildings. Most of my favorite buildings are commercial and institutional. The reason I envision myself in this part of the building industry is because I see more potential for employment and self-development. I want to ultimately specialize in MEP Building Systems and work as specialist. I have already planned out my post-college career in order to facilitate my entry into this field. In addition to what I specifically want to focus on, my next goal after graduating is to gain experience and become a licensed architect.
The reason why I want to design for larger commercial buildings is because of their more complex nature and they are more impressionable when completed. The awe of observing these successfully built structures remains decades after completion. There is economic opportunity in MEP and building systems because there are always issues that occur and because of technology, new and improved iterations come about. As mentioned in page 25 of the reading “Mechanical systems are about the most demanding in terms of first cost, operating cost, and space required (both for the central equipment and the distribution systems).” It goes on to say how the HVAC system and its controls are the topics that building users usually complain about the most. Architects rarely hear that “this building is very comfortable, never too hot too cold, or too drafty”. I want to be considerate in my designing and communication with other professionals in order to design successfully.

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