My Dream Career

Growing up as children, we are asked the question of “What is your dream?” or “What do you want to be when we grow up?”. We respond with things like dentist, doctor, president, astronaut etc. However, it comes to a point where we reach high school and start becoming more mature and responsible young adults and finding out what our passions are and what career we would like to pursue in the future. I never knew I would find interest in the field of architecture until after graduating from high school. Most of my friends were into things like becoming a professor, nurse, accountant and other careers. However, those weren’t really my interests. Growing up I was always surrounded by technology and computers and video games. Not only did I enjoy gaming as a hobby and a passion, but it also gave me an interest to learn more about computers and technology. While in high school, during the weekends, I would enjoy going out to the city and visit different buildings with my friends. Looking at the level of detail and materials that were used and how the layout of the rooms were gave me an introduction to architecture.

Throughout my 4 years of being an architecture student and learning new things that I did not know before. Interior designer has sparked my interest the most of what I want to pursue as a career. Other students choose drawing or drafting. However, I have practiced sketching a lot in my 4 years and a little during my free time outside of school. Drafting and sketching is not a strength of mine. Interior design speaks more to me. Not only getting to decide on the layout and making the building or house more brighter and elegant, but rendering and adding materials is very exciting. Another thing that got me interested in Interior design is watching shows on the HGTV like Fixer Upper and others. The shows include how the furnish and decorate the room as well as selecting the materials and show renderings too. In Design 5 you are also taught about interior design and that class also got my interest. My professor loved both my projects and I displayed my creativity and ideas really well. Hopefully after graduating in June, I will be able to find starting jobs that are computer based and then later move up to working in a firm. Interior design is something I know I will enjoy for many years and later teach my experience to the newcomers in the future


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