Dream job

Elizabeth Ramirez

As a young child I always dreamed of designing my own home. Although I didn’t necessary want to be an architect, it wasn’t until 8th grade where I decided that I like architecture. Then I went on to an architecture high school, where I was more expose to the world of architecture. I really enjoyed what I was learning so I decided to continue studying architecture in college.  When I started college I thought that architecture was just designing buildings and building them. However I learned that architecture has many branches, and it’s just not designing buildings, but there is also fabrication of facades, urban planning, interior design among many more.


At the moment I’m not really sure what branch of architecture I want to go into or if i just want to stay in the field of traditional architecture. I have looked into interior designing and residential buildings. Right now I want to finish with my bachelor degree and get an internship at a firm. Once I graduate I am planning on taking a break from school instead of going straight to my master degree. I will work and obtain experience so I can later take the license exam and become a licensed architect. While working I also want to travel and explore the different ways architecture is seen in different parts of the world.


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