Dream Job?

Before mentioning my “Dream Job”, let me give you a background check on how I decided on architecture. Junior year in high school arrived and I was wondering what I wanted to pursue in life.  Drawing has been my main hobby ever since I was a little girl and math was my strongest subject in school. My father started mentioning to me architecture and engineering should be careers I should look into. I decided to become an architect because it takes a lot of creativity and knowledge to create a space into functional structures that give what the people want and need.

  I came from Mexico, which is a country that is not as developed as the United States, let alone New York City. I remember my town in México not having enough buildings such as schools, hospitals, residential, commercial, etc. They were not designed effectively and beneficial for the community. 

Currently I will be receiving my bachelors degree from Citytech in spring 2021. I want to get my master’s degree. I would want to focus on designing green buildings and recreation spaces. While getting my master’s degree, I want to gain experience by working as an intern at a small firm and then later transfer to a bigger firm. I have the mentality of working smart, not hard, and start working from the bottom to the top.

Now as to  my “Dream Job”, I don’t have one, yet . My main mission is to be able to design and build green buildings in Mexico and countries who need help. It will help industrialize the countries, but at the same time not harming the environment. I have a huge respect  for Mother Nature. We get oxygen, water, and food from it and wouldn’t be fair in return treat it bad. Green spaces and vegetation in urban spaces is important for me as a future designer. Nature gives a sense of comfort and calmness which is something busy urban cities would need. 

Overall I enjoy learning new strategies to enhance my knowledge to design and become one of the best architects. As long as I have the love and passion for architecture, it doesn’t matter to me what my job is rather how I have made a positive impact on this world.

My Dream Job – Sarawat Juthy

I have always wanted to help others who are in need. And I have figured out that to be able to do so, one thing is crucial. Money! Now personally, I have never been a money hungry person, but I can sense the extreme need of it whenever I visualize myself as a social worker in a non-profit organization.

As an individual, I consider myself a very creative and passionate person, with interest in almost anything and everything. I feel that I am at my best when I create. Creating, either arts, crafts, poetry, music, or cooking a new dish, brings me immense joy, and how wonderful would that be to actually get paid for it too! If I ever wanna do a 9 to 5 job, I can only wish it would be a field where I have the opportunity to create. Not necessarily it has to be architecture. I can see myself doing many things at many places, expressing myself through my creations, and That might sound crazy but hey, at least my dreams do not have limits. My dream job will get me enough money to help literally every single soul on this planet as needed. And my dream job will also get me enough (paid) vacations so I can spend time with my friends and families and do social work as well.

Hence, My dream job will help me be able to help others find their dream jobs! My dream job will allow me to teach people how to dream bigger than the illusion of “reality”.

Dream career, Still searching…

I once had a dream of becoming the best scientist the world had ever seen, when I was ten years old, but with life experiences, it knocked me into a space where reality took precedence and guided me to a Tabula Rasa where Art and how things work converged.

My time spent as an adolescent altered my thought patterns to that of a “fixer” especially during drawing/ sketching, I would always spend most of my time getting one thing “correct” rather than completing pages within my drawing book as “Quality over quantity” was my inner motto. Then, I started to imagine myself as someone whom everyone wanted to seek for answers. How could I do that if I don’t read?, that was my problem and comics wouldn’t suffice, I took up reading to improve upon that which was to make it into what I could be, while fighting procrastination daily.

I can’t remember a time when I considered a dream job, I was always thinking about just getting rich by some sort of Divine intervention that would drop something in my lap, that was due to my understanding of the world at that particular time, always hoping and trying to will the universe into giving me what I thought I deserved. As I grew with knowledge, I began to understand what my calling was while reflecting on many life lessons, I understood that I wanted to be one of those persons that are willing to give of his time and energy to make others comfortable and find solutions to problems that may arise while planning how to utilize space religiously. 

I had a mentor by this time who not only showed me the other side of life but also what doors could be open to my interest when I seek it. I already had a knack for spatial planning through playing with LEGO bricks and had the opportunity to experience technical drawing through classical “pen to paper techniques”, so as my blessings would have it, I entered the world of Architecture. I am still sifting through the possibilities that my learned life skills can open up for me. My dream job, if I had to think about it, the criteria would be defined as something i wouldn’t mind doing everyday, something that suits my personality, something I excel in and most importantly, supports my lifestyle. In conclusion, I’m still searching to find my true purpose.

Dream Job/ Career- Karen Vintimilla

As a child I grew up seeing my father work in construction, he dealt with a lot of old homes, he was in charge of remodeling them or fixing anything that was wrong. I would see my dad work on a house day by day and to see the final transformation really amazed me. That is how my love for architecture began, my dad always talked to me about how he enjoys what he does because he gets to learn something new and homeowners stay content with his work.  

My goal has always been to graduate and get my bachelor’s in architecture. Once I have accomplished getting my degree my dream job is to start my own business. I am aware the amount of effort and time it will take to do that. My plan is to work for 2-3 years in a firm or company where I can gain enough experience and knowledge. As I work, I want to start taking the ARE exams to get my license. As I complete that, I believe I will be ready to begin my own business. This is where my dream job comes into play. What I would love to do is buy old residential homes at low prices, remodel them into brand new ones. I want to be able to transform a home that is in bad conditions into great conditions. If I must tear down the house in order start from scratch and make any new designs, I am totally into doing that. I love to see the progress and transformation of building something. I would love to grow in my own business. That is my dream job.

Dream Career

Architecture not only affects society on a high level but also on a personal level, it can have a deep impact on its inhabitants. As a child, I always had a great appreciation for sports and the way it brought people together and as an adult I learned to admire elaborate buildings and structures. Although it took years of understanding what meant the most to me professionally, I now know that sports architecture is the path I want to take. Well-designed architecture and the connection individuals have to it is not something that is easily measured. A successful project comes from understanding that the spaces and buildings we love most stir up feelings in us that are not easy to describe and this is what I would love to achieve as an architect by creating sports complexes.

Staying true to sustainability is perhaps another goal in my professional path. It may not be as simple in sports complexes as it is in other architecture categories but throughout my classes at City Tech, I have learned that there are many ways to achieve this through our designs. The bits and pieces obtained in the courses taken so far will help us all in some way or another regardless of the path taken within the architecture field.

There are a few firms I have researched in the past year that have my full interest, such as, HOK. HOK architects have designed multiple sports venues and mainly design community driven structures. They are based in New York City and although New York is currently home for me, I will hopefully, in the near future, travel to work elsewhere. Working at HOK is perhaps a dream come true. For now, I am in search of a master’s program to join once I complete my studies in City Tech and I am hopeful this class, specifically, will allow for additional guidance.

Dream Career – Alberto Cruz

Growing up, I’ve always had an interest in art and crafts. Being able to visualize something and bring it to life on a piece of paper has always brought me joy, until I wanted to bring life to it. I’ve explored many avenues in art to try and satisfy the feeling of wanting to experience my art. It wasn’t until I took architectural drafting classes in high school, that I started feeling content with what I was doing. When it came to deciding a college major, I had difficulty choosing what to pursue, but in the end I decided on architecture, because it would allow me to visualize my ideas and experience it the way it should be. 

In my years of studying architecture, I was never confident in what I wanted to pursue in this field. Looking back on it though, some of my favorite projects that I enjoyed working on in school, involved designing a habitable space for users. I’d like to say my dream job within the architectural field is to work on residential projects: from family homes to apartments — to designing how everything comes together. 

My reason for pursuing this path is also a result of my upbringing. I grew up with uncles, who worked in construction and did renovations to my grandparents house. It amazed me, watching everything come together to create a space. Another influence in my life is that I always moved around a lot as a child, so I never really had a permanent place to call home. So being able to design a space that people can think of home, drives me to pursue this path.

My Dream Job/Career – Ibukunoluwa Atolagbe

My dream job is one that gives me the freedom to explore, create, and learn new things. I want to be financially stable and free to grow and explore other areas in life that may expand my career. I also want to have time to spend with my family and be financially secure in whatever it is I choose to do. Every time I dreamed of what I’ll end up doing for the rest of my life it was creating. I do not enjoy the idea of reporting to the same space every day and working in front of a Computer screen.  I love visiting new places, New sites, and getting to explore new environments. I want to be able to set my own schedule and have directive over the projects I am working on, I also want to be able to meet new people with great Intelligence and passion in whatever field I end up pursuing. Something that excites me about my dream job is working in groups and hearing the different creative ideas that everyone comes up with for the final product.

A job in the building industry that I consider to be my dream job is a Travelling Urban Planner. There is a lot that excites me from detailing for architecture to urban planning. I love detailing because I get to fully understand the inner workings of each component of the building, and how they all come together to help the overall architecture work. I also enjoy problem-solving which led me to choose Urban planning. Urban planning requires adaptability and problem solving and these are skills I have discovered that I possess.

My school career of studying architecture was not entirely my choice but I have grown to love my major and have found ways to use the skills that I have been taught in other aspects of my life. I may not have directly chosen this major but Indirectly it is a perfect fit for me. When I looked back on my early childhood years, I remember making use of boxes or other objects around the house to build homes for my dolls, very detailed ones at that. I also remember using furniture to transform our bedroom into various living spaces or school to play house/school with my siblings. I discovered my passion for art and Imagining and Physically creating what I have envisioned. I find that my Dreams adapt and change as I grow, and I am only just beginning so maybe let’s see If being an urban planner is what I desire five years from now.

Dream Career – Mai Esmail

     My dream job is to have a company that would design or revive buildings, structures, and spaces. I want it to be fun, innovative, and environmentally friendly. Throughout my years at City Tech, the projects and classes that caught my attention were Design 5 because it interested me in the redesign of existing structures and the materials that you can apply to revive a building. The second class would be Building Performance which opened my knowledge about the environment and all the ways we can incorporate them into our designs. I feel like New York City is a place where you can find so many interesting buildings and spaces that truly can surprise you. It’s those hidden gems that you find that make me want to pursue this career.  

     To get to this dream, I want to get my Master’s degree in Architecture. I feel like this is a step that would help me increase my knowledge and understand architecture even more. Then, I want to work in a company that revives buildings just to see the process and research that goes into doing so. Also, to learn more about how to maintain the building’s original identity while adding a bit of a modern touch to it. I also want to stay true to be environmentally friendly. This I would say is important to me just because we don’t know just how much our building could affect the environment. We can’t stop climate change, but we can slow it down using certain materials and adding green walls/roofs, etc. Climate change has a big impact and I feel as architects we must do our part to help slow it down. When it comes to the work environment, I would love to be working in an environment where we are supportive of one another and drive each other to do our best.   

     When it comes to my personal life, I would genuinely love to stay in New York City. My husband, my mother, and my siblings are here. It’s the city that I have grown to know and love. I wouldn’t mind moving, but it would have to be in a similar environment like Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia. I know that this career would take a lot out of spending time with family and even having one someday. It got out of hand while getting my degree at City Tech. I wouldn’t see my family, friends, or significant other unless it was planned weeks before. Just out of those experiences, I would like to be able to balance out my career and my personal life. I have to say if Covid-19 didn’t happen to put our world on pause for a bit, then things would still be hectic for me. But they have been life-changing and managed to get me to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. I feel that this dream will be long and exhausting but to get to the point where I have my own company and can be my boss, would be worth the wait. 

DREAM CAREER – Ashley Herasme

       My dream job is to design and renovate residential houses and get into property development. My family’s business in the Dominican Republic is offering full design services to residential apartments and houses. They do everything from renovations to fully furnishing their clients’ home. Other members of my family in the Dominican Republic are in property development. They buy land where it’s most profitable and design/construct residential apartment buildings. The work my family does inspired me on the path of my own career goals and have helped me develop my design passion. 

        Starting my career, I would like to work in a company that designs new construction homes and also renovates existing residential properties. Since I would like to work more on houses, my ideal work environment would be more of a suburban setting rather than the city. I want to be able to work on floor plans, figuring out the layout of a house, such as the bathroom and kitchen placements. I would also like to work on design details such as picking out materials, finishes, countertops, and fixtures. 

        The type of architecture company I work for is important to me. Location is an important factor. I want to be close to my family, so my ideal location would be in or around New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia. I feel like a small to medium sized firm would work best for me rather than a large company. I want to work in a collaborative environment where everyone supports each other. Having a good work and personal life balance is also an important factor. Later on in my career, I would like to branch out on my own and get into property development. I would love to develop beautiful properties and later on be able to sell them. I feel that being a property developer would give me more flexibility on designing homes to my preference and could potentially result in making more money.