Case Study #2- Discrepancy in Concrete Mixture- Mohammad mostafa

· The architect cannot succumb to the contractor as he will lose his licenses.

·     according to the article 3. 4.2.8, The architect should have proof of the situation as the superintendent of construction   has been cheating on the construction elements, which will affect public safety. have a plan and the exact amount of construction that need to be add to make the property safe.

·the article 4.2.3 stated the architect should have the owner states that he is aware of the safety issue.    

· According to Article 4.2.6 The architect can reach out to the court or the public authority, having a justification that requests all work to stop until the issue is cured or until the building gets inspected.

· Section 9.10; The architect will hold the certificate of pay and notify the contractor, stating the reason for keeping the payment.

· Or according to the AIA A201 and form B101 agreement, the architect can terminate the owner, which will notify the owner within 7 days, which will give the owner time to resolve the termination.

Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I am introducing two topics that I presume they are completing one another. The first topic would be about starting my global architectural company that introduces renewable energy in our design. Intrnatolanly I will be focusing on sites that got destroyed by a natural catastrophe, war, and help design affordable residences for survivors. I included that topic for my research because of my background. I grew up in different countries as a kid, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Each place has its own artwork, history, and manners. Maybe it did not mean much to me when I was a kid, but I learned it means a lot as it makes me curious about other nations around the world.

Moreover, it came to my attention that in America, we have insurance for everything, even professions. So maybe architects will need insurance to start their company. So I decided to have a good perception of insurance for Architects. Some questions that I will answer in my research.

  • What exactly is Professional Liability Insurance for Architects?
  • What is the difference between architect professional liability insurance and general liability?
  • What will your architect professional liability insurance cover and what is not?
  • How much will you pay for architect professional insurance?

I will do my research, and I will have an interview with the insurance agent to answer my questions.