Discrepancy in Concrete Mixture – Francisco Cuevas Lopez

I think in this case the architect should withhold the final payment for the contractor since the contractor did not follow the contract document. Revise the contract documents and try to find legal advise, since any inconvenience due to the negligence of the contractor and the owner could bring legal problems to the architect.

The architect can request a written variance from the building department for the code violention, and request the owner to give him a written document that the architect has no further responsibility for the material being used. And then terminate the architect’s contract with the owner.

Francisco Cuevas Lopez

Case Study #1

My evaluation for this project is that, based in what I learned in previous classes, an environment were workers have limited access to windows, and that is packed of people, could be very uncomfortable.

Based on studies, people could not work very efficiently when they are on a too closed environment especially if the lighting is poor or they have no windows. Maybe having the appropriate lighting could make the workers feel better, but still they could work more efficiently with having access to windows so they can mentally feel less claustrophobic.

Also the client wants to have as many people as possible, but in this case it could possibly work by having the appropriate circulation, or if having an appropriate distance between the workers so that the they do not feel uncomfortable, if their duties should be accomplished in a stationary way.

An approach to the design would be to sit with the client, explain to him those facts, and show him examples, so that he can understand that this way the workers will work on a more efficiently way which seems to be is his main concern.

I think this discussion should be addressed with the client before we sign the contract, because at the end the client will pay for what he wants, whether it is what he requested at the beginning or he decides to accommodate to our criteria. If my name will be involve in the design of this place I want the workers who walk in say “This architect was awesome” instead of saying “who was the killer who design this place.”

Proposal for the Final Project

My topic in the Proposal for the Final Project is Historical Preservation. I think this is a very exciting topic since I would be studying buildings that were built many years ago, and are part of history, which is something I like.

For this project I will have to understand the following:

What Historical Preservation is.

I need to study the importance of Historical Preservation.

I would like to study some historical buildings as examples.

The consequences of not preserving those historical buildings.

The type of work that is allowed in those buildings.

About the permissions that architects need have in order to do any work on those buildings.

I think those things will be important to understand as well as other questions that might come up during the investigation.

I think working in groups would be very helpful. To find, analyze, compare, and revise information, would be a key to end up with a well done research.

My Dream Job

Always since I was very young, I liked to sketch and draw. I used to draw all the time, I used to draw the cartoons. I copied from a cousin of mine who I used to see and was very good at it. I used to try to be as good as him. At the beginning I was not so good at it, until one day I tried to draw my mother and noticed it was a lot better than what I expected, so I noticed I was improving as I kept practicing. So I kept practicing until I became very good at it. After works some people used to tell why not becoming an architect. So I gave it a try, and ended up enrolling in the New York College of Technology in the Architectural Technology program.

After enrolling in the Architectural Technology program I noticed that knowing how to draw have helped me a lot in architecture, as well as being enrolled in the program have also helped me to improve my drawing skills. I have enjoyed the program a lot and think that being an architect would be very fun. I have learned a lot about the 2D and 3D software, which in my opinion is kind of bringing drawing into another level especially 3D designing.

I think my dream job would be to be an architect, more specifically a 3D designer. I found I would like this since the beginning of the architectural program, but even more after one time I met a real estate agent who after conversing and tell her that I am an architect student, paid me to design the drawings and renders for a house her company was planning to renovate. I enjoyed the job and think that even it could had gone better, it did not go so bad to be my first actual paid job. Now I am interested in finishing my bachelor degree, remain improving my skills and get a job in the field, even though most people do not get exactly what they are looking for, I wish some day I get a position related to 3D designing. Also, I am interested in the real estate developing, as my mother is in that field, and I will also like to stay in the family business, however it is always good to dream a little bit.