Office Building for Big-Box-Dante Natteri

One of the first comments about this reading was that the owner is not always right, and I agree with her. Sometimes the owners are wrong or confused because they didn’t know what they really need and creates a barrier between what they need and what they want, and this is a typical case.  In my professional live I had to deal with persons that knew what they wanted but not what they needed and sometimes negotiating or explaining these issues could become more complicated when they are your friends.

There is a big difference between retail store employees and headquarters staff because they have different roles, they have different needs. As a result, they need different spaces. This is one of the first things that I need to tell the owners. In this case, what the owner wants is not related to the real necessity of its employees.

In my opinion, this issue needs to be discussed from the very beginning because sometimes the owners need more time to process all the arguments, we give to them. If not, they are going to think that we change our mind or that we do not know about the subject. From the beginning, the owners are going to have an idea of what is best for them. We need to talk about the benefits that they are going to obtain if they follow our advice. For instance, I could talk about the policies of other companies like Tiffany & CO and how their employees benefit from it.

This problem is more common than we think. For instance, I bought a Dell computer and need to talk with a sales representative. When I answered the phone, I heard more than four peoples talking at the same time, making hard for me to understand what the saleswoman was saying, and the first thing that comes to my mind was this reading. I understand that the calling center is in India, but it made a very bad impression on me. So now I have a new argument when I meet with clients who don’t know what they need.

Case Study: Discrepancy in Concrete Mixture – Dante Natteri

This looks weird. However, from time to time this happens and could has fatal consequences if we follow the wishes of uninformed owner. According to the Owner-Architect agreement the architect is responsible to represent the owner interest with the contractor. In this case the owner broken that agreement as a result the Architect doesn’t have any responsibility. An this is specified in the Owner-Architect contract the B101. In the article 2 the architect assumes a responsibility, so for this, the architect maintain an insurance of Professional liability. In the Article 3 of the B101 there are basic services provided by the architect.

In article 3.1.4 said” Architect is not responsible for Owner’s change of work or acceptance of nonconforming work.” The architect is requiring to certify the contractor request in this situation as a professional I would denied the payment order. According to the section 13.4.1 the contractor has the responsibility for the work and  I will not sign the payment order until the contractor fix the concrete mixture, according with article

On the other hand, I will talk with the owner and explain firstly, that he didn’t follow our contract, that he puts in risk the life of several families because this is multifamily housing. Secondly, I am not going to put in bad shape my well-earned reputation and finally, I’m not going to break the law, my morals, and my contract to save the owner a few thousand dollars, and tell the owner to let me work according to our contract without interference.

Final Project – Dante Natteri

Façade Renovation

In this project I want to apply what I Learned with Professor Charles Jenkins because I am interested in this activity field. I think it is very interesting and at the same time it is a lucrative business. This could help me in my professional development. I began making some basic questions.

What is a Façade renovation?

Why we renovate façade?

Who can  renovate a facades?

Do I need a License, who give me it?

Do I need to study If I want to renovate a façade?

Where can I study to renovate a façade?

What do I need to renovate Façade?

What trades are involved in this industry?

What technical skills di I need?

Who gives me a permit to renovate a façade?

Who are the owners and how can I introduce myself into  this business?

Dream Job Dante Natteri

It’s is incredible how love is the most important driven force in our life. How it moves us to obtain what we want and how sometimes it comes with a surprise. When I was an Architectural student, I met my first girlfriend, and the first thing she told me was “if you want to be my boyfriend you need to work because with the money of daddy and mommy I am not going outside with you. I said ok,” This was a turning point in my life. This initial step took me into one of the best jobs I have ever had.

I began to work at my university, at the beginning of each semester they asked for ID picture for the registration process, so I began taking ID photos for the student registration. I used the photography lab that the professor offered to me.  This was my first small step on obtained my dream job. Before that, I began to work with different Institutions and Universities.

I grew up very fast with a business partner, he was a friend of mine, but very well related and created IBUSA (Important Business S. A.) As a company, we began to work with the national police of my country, larger universities, and private institutions. I began doing ID documents at the National University of Engineering and finished taking care of the Registrar office of the Federico Villareal National University. There was a moment that my company had more than one hundred employees and from time to time in special seasons we worked twenty-four hours a day.

So as a future architect I would love to have my own architectural firm with a partner that should be ok. I believe that with a partner I will grow faster. On the other hand, it is very interesting to be your own boss, you accept the jobs you want and you set up your own limit. Of course, when we love what we do we increase our life quality for us and our family.