Final Project Proposal

For my final project i would like to focus on opening an international architectural company. Because i always wanted to have different type of clients, with diverse cultures and traditions and from different regions. In this topic i will research and discover all the major aspects that need to be done.

The research will include:

  1. Is there an international license that allows me to have clients all over the world?
  2. American and European licences – do i need both in order to have projects here and there? How do i get them?
  3. Where to set the main office?
  4. What is the minimal budget to open such a company?
  5. Do i need a partner? If so, how many?
  6. How to know the total price of the project? Who gives the price? How the amount distributed among all involved? How architect’s profit calculated?
  7. How to find good creative employees and how many do i need for start?
  8. What are the major occupations i should have?
  9. Business plan
  10. Where do i pay taxes? In the country i leave, or in the country where business is?
  11. Research similar companies: what kind of projects, where located, how many people working, their salaries, insurances, benefits.. etc

I believe these steps will help me to understand better the whole business idea and help me to move forward toward my dream job more faster and wisely.


My dream job
…I wake up in the morning with a stunning view, I make a cup of aroma coffee and breakfast and go up to my bright and cozy working studio with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a charming view of nature outside the window. I sit down to work with great pleasure and inspiration, because this is what I love so much – being an architect, love to invent, design and create new unique buildings, develop details, make decisions, and solve problems for both residential and commercial projects, but mostly big projects for the cities. And of course, interior design will be an integral part of every project.
Having the best team of assistants in my city office whom I can always rely on, I know that the work will be done at the highest level. I periodically go to meetings with assistants and meet clients.
Having a flexible and at the same time busy schedule, allows me to always be close to my family and be in my favorite cozy nest.
Working from my fully equipped and organized studio at home will give me opportunities to be alone and think, be inspired, gain energy and new ideas. Because I like to be alone with my thoughts sometimes.
This would be my dream job – to have a successful company that offers and creates unique, effective and beautiful spaces, buildings and designs. Do what I love in my favorite place and get paid well and hopefully become famous one day, like Zaha Hadid.
OK, now back in reality, I understand that there is a lot of work behind this, and a lot of experience in different areas needs to be gained, but I know it is still possible. To work towards my dream job, firstly, I want to get a master’s degree in architecture and move forward to get a license. At the same time, I want to gain as much experience in some large international famous companies. In that company I want to participate in the process of creating a design, design strategy and concept, taking into account all the details, learn to think like a professional. I have always loved to solve strategic and logical problems. Also have a role in interior design and choice of colors, finishes, materials, furniture and decor.
For a long time, I could not understand and decide what I wanted to do for a living. Growing up I never thought I wanted to be an architect, as soon as I entered a graphic design major, I knew right away that I like it a lot. Farther more I began developing my skills and a new world of design opened up for me and I fell in love. Over time, I realized that I was very much interested in architecture and interior design. I started working in those fields and get more sense of each part. Now I cannot imagine my life without these elements. I know for sure this is truly my passion and love – architecture and design!