Case Study: Discrepancy in Concrete Mixture – Avery Ferguson

As an architect, one must design and help facilitate the building of safe structures. After being put in this situation, said architect should again notify the owner of the contractors’ errors in writing according to article 4.2.3. With this the architect covers themselves from any responsibility if the building were to fail. Due to the fact that the contractor is also unaware of the decision that Owner and the Superintendent made, it could also be discussed with him about the mixture change, as he must know based on article (Article 3.3.1).
The architect is entitled to performance and enforcement of obligation under the signed contract which is in place (Article 1.1.2) to allow the architect to withhold payments if the work observed isn’t up to the standards they specified in the drawings. Once the payment is withheld, the architect will notify the owner and the contractor the reason. The rejected work must be corrected by the contractor according to Article 4.2.6.

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