Proposal for the Final Project

My topic in the Proposal for the Final Project is Historical Preservation. I think this is a very exciting topic since I would be studying buildings that were built many years ago, and are part of history, which is something I like.

For this project I will have to understand the following:

What Historical Preservation is.

I need to study the importance of Historical Preservation.

I would like to study some historical buildings as examples.

The consequences of not preserving those historical buildings.

The type of work that is allowed in those buildings.

About the permissions that architects need have in order to do any work on those buildings.

I think those things will be important to understand as well as other questions that might come up during the investigation.

I think working in groups would be very helpful. To find, analyze, compare, and revise information, would be a key to end up with a well done research.

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