Final Project Proposal _ Ibukunoluwa Atolagbe

For my Final Project, I would like to explore a career in Urban Planning and the requirements one should have in order to be qualified for the job. I also Interested in Traveling, in order to work and travel I may have to work at a big firm so I would also like to research big Architecture firms that have Urban Planning departments.

Research Questions for Urban Planning Requirements:
-What level of education is needed?
-What courses do you need to be an urban Planner?
-If going for your masters, what do you need to specialize in?
-Do you need work experience, If so how many years and for what?
_Are there any exams needed for this job position?

Researching Firms that have Urban Planning:
_What big firms have urban planning Departments?
_Where are they located?
Do they allow you to travel?
_What are the Sub-Departments in Your career choice(Urban Planning)?

With this, I would also like to Research other career options that may align with my Interest in Problem-solving and Detailing.

Research questions for career options:
_What Careers can you have with a Bachelors in Architecture?
_Whatt other Carrer Part Aligns with Architecture?

(still brainstorming questions)
Feel free to comment any other research question or ideas.

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