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Scrolling through social media is how I came to find this ad called “The Indoor Generation”, which is basically shedding a light on how  people are being more device centered and spending more time indoor, alone, instead of being out in nature like they should be. Which I knew was a real problem as I was watching it on my Phone. There is no doubt that with all these technological innovations, we are being more chained and stiff, spending most of our days indoors. Even having enough time under sunlight which is crucial for a healthy life, has become a luxury; or torture for some, should I say.

If this pandemic had taught me anything at all, it is the necessity of the touch of nature to be introduced in our living space; the most important part of architecture to everyone which we experience on a daily basis. No one should ever feel like they are imprisoned in their own house. And that hit me when I got extremely emotional seeing just a simple tree on the street when I first got out of my house after 2 months. 

Introducing nature to architecture is going to be the topic for my final project. And even if I didn’t have to do it for this class, I was going to research about this topic anyway for my own interest. I think, not only introducing and involving nature more with living spaces is important, but also keeping sustainability in mind is an absolute necessity. 

I am also interested to research more about the effect of architecture on our mental health. And keeping in mind that not everyone has the luxury of living in a big house, or spacious place, people who live in small apartments should not feel caged. How an architect solves this problem is the question and I want to dig more to find the answer.

As I mentioned about “The Indoor Generation” ad earlier, it was by this company called VELUX, which works with manufacturing of skylights and roof windows, and their goal is to provide a healthier indoor environment for people, which is crucial. My goal is to research more about them and finding out other companies and organizations who are working for a healthier indoor experience, and improving mental health through architecture. Not only I want to research about them, but I am also interested in working with a company as such to be able to be a part of it.

6 thoughts on “Final Project Proposal – Sarawat Juthy”

  1. Hi Sarawat, Your Point of view is very Interesting. I like that you were even able to realize just how we all would be impacted when it comes to our interaction with nature because of the pandemic. One really great research idea would be how to incorporate nature into living spaces I cities like New York. The living space is already so small and the majority of them closed off. How would your idea be incorporated in Government buildings?

    1. Thank You Ibukun for your comment. Yes I have to do more research on the requirements of Government Buildings and also private companies. I’ve read your proposal as well. I am looking forward to see your final project too.
      Good luck with that.

  2. Hi Sarawat,

    The topic of mental health is something that I think most ppl in or out of Architecture never really address. Your point of view is interesting, I see its taken from a personal concern. I would love to read your final or whichever topic you choose, I’m a fan of your writing.

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