My Dream Job

Always since I was very young, I liked to sketch and draw. I used to draw all the time, I used to draw the cartoons. I copied from a cousin of mine who I used to see and was very good at it. I used to try to be as good as him. At the beginning I was not so good at it, until one day I tried to draw my mother and noticed it was a lot better than what I expected, so I noticed I was improving as I kept practicing. So I kept practicing until I became very good at it. After works some people used to tell why not becoming an architect. So I gave it a try, and ended up enrolling in the New York College of Technology in the Architectural Technology program.

After enrolling in the Architectural Technology program I noticed that knowing how to draw have helped me a lot in architecture, as well as being enrolled in the program have also helped me to improve my drawing skills. I have enjoyed the program a lot and think that being an architect would be very fun. I have learned a lot about the 2D and 3D software, which in my opinion is kind of bringing drawing into another level especially 3D designing.

I think my dream job would be to be an architect, more specifically a 3D designer. I found I would like this since the beginning of the architectural program, but even more after one time I met a real estate agent who after conversing and tell her that I am an architect student, paid me to design the drawings and renders for a house her company was planning to renovate. I enjoyed the job and think that even it could had gone better, it did not go so bad to be my first actual paid job. Now I am interested in finishing my bachelor degree, remain improving my skills and get a job in the field, even though most people do not get exactly what they are looking for, I wish some day I get a position related to 3D designing. Also, I am interested in the real estate developing, as my mother is in that field, and I will also like to stay in the family business, however it is always good to dream a little bit.

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