My Dream Jobs

   As a student studying architecture my dream job would consist of various options, because in life you should always have a back-up plan. That being said, my first dream job (Plan A) would consist of having my own business that would generate passive income. Since I would rather spend time with family, I also do not enjoy long restless nights.This business could possibly consist of blogging my life via YouTube, streaming games, or just selling products online. Hopefully all three will be successful in the upcoming future.

   My second job also known as plan B would consist of design work that correlates between making buildings, and renderings for game Industries. Not only will it be a fun experience, it is something that I wouldn’t mind doing full time. Although this could also include the making of renderings for companies, or  other clients seeking help in this field. I wouldn’t mind being a tutor for those who are seeking knowledge, or experience in general.

   Plan C would definitely include rescuing animals in need, and finding them a home or even a shelter by aiding to encourage their longevity, and overall happiness. This plan could also include repopulating hard hit places with vegetation, animal life, and an efficient plan to ensure it never happens again. Plan D would be drafting houses then building them up, and charging for rent. If that doesn’t work I might move towards flipping houses that are used. Thus by doing so I still get the desire of a semi – passive income as well as a lesser stressed environment potentially.

    My final job if everything else fails would be on-site analysis such as surveying the land, testing soil to widen my knowledge, or construction project manager which is basically ensuring that everything goes perfect within the job site. That could include specifications, such as drawings, details, elevations (typical site drawings) which states dimensions also known as a rule brick for construction workers to follow. It is a vital part of constructing a building correctly, and overseeing to ensure that everything matches, tweaking what needs to be fixed or expanded, removed, etc. Which also means that for the most part it is an important job for a keen eye, and an adaptable person (Plan E).

   As a conclusion, yes I have a lot of things I am interested in, covering multiple fields that are diverse in nature. I don’t like to sell myself short so instead of striving for one goal, I would find it best to strive for all. With multiple options to choose from, the chances of succeeding in one of these fields becomes more favorable. That being said, I have learned to do whatever my heart desires, if you are planning to become a millionaire then make steps, plans, fruition, and follow them wholeheartedly. If you don’t succeed it will still be an accomplishment, because you have moved one step closer to your goal, or gained great knowledge to do something else you may desire. For me that is all that matters, and if I work hard enough, and put my goals out there my dream job will come to life sooner or later.

– Jernel W.

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