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My interest in architecture started at a very young age. I’ve always had a fascination with spatial layout and form arrangement. I started first working for an architect before entering into this program to get a feel for this area of study. I soon found I picked up an understanding in this it relatively quickly. My decision entering this program was to see if I had my own design sense, and to explore what avenues I would like to branch off into. I soon realized that this field of study has a vast and overwhelming set of options to delve into. I am still in the process of figuring out what avenue of design makes sense for me.

Recently though my sister has decided to enter this program starting in the spring. Her and I have been mulling over the idea that we would like to start our own design firm. She has an interest in landscape architecture, and I have always been interested in eco designing with green roofs and self-sustain design. I’ve recently been studying in my urban design class the imperative need for vegetation in our cities, not only to control the heat island affect, but also for future flooding issues they are projecting in our city.

My dream occupation would be to have a design team with my sister that would work closely with the city helping create better urban designs for future environmental changes. I would like to contribute back to my community utilizing the design skills I’ve developed in my studies. I have a real interest in geography and meteorology, sort of as a hobby. I find it interesting to analyze different solutions and techniques using natural ways as preventative measures against natural disasters affecting how we live. I strongly believe in a balanced coexistence with the natural world and would love to have an occupation that worked towards that goal.

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