My Math experience:

I like math especially when I get it in first try. If some one teaches me once, I can understand quickly but I forget it easily if I don’t practice. The interesting thing about math is that there is many ways to get one answer. I was pretty good with math. I took AP calculus in high school and it was challenging but I enjoyed it. I took Calculus II and III in my first year in Citytech. I understood most of it and I am pretty positive it wasn’t that hard.

How to get “A” grade?

–       By having perfect attendance so we don’t miss any lecture and IF we have any problem and have to skip a class, ask classmates and professor on what you missed.

–       By doing assigned works and homework every time and on time so you can refresh what you did in class and practice more.

–       If we don’t understand we can make appointment with Professor and get help.

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Daniel Savoca-My experience with Math

Math, I believe, is necessary but very unpleasant and stressful. I don’t consider myself terrible at math but I need time to understand and fully analyze the problem before I begin. I don’t hate math. Math to me has its ups and downs. When working on architecture, I get this different attitude when math is involved. Laziness is out of the picture. I realize that I must get the right answer because this is extremely important for working on a structure. Math is going to be around me my whole life and I knew what I was getting myself into when I chose this career path. What I need to do (and everyone else) to get an “A”…is to practice math everyday. Make whatever subject you’re having trouble with…turn it into a hobby and work on it each day.

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Lesya Khymych_Math Experience + Strategy

My experience with MATH:

It’s been over a year since I’ve taken a Math class. I took Calculus I during the summer of 2012. At first I was hesitant to take an instance course in such a short period of time especially after not having to take math for over 2 years, but I’m glad I did. I had an amazing teacher and I caught up pretty quickly and got an A for the class. I can’t recall that I ever had a problem with math; I actually enjoy it. Most of the time it’s one right answer and there is no going around it.


-I think the key for this class is to be consistent with your attendance so you don’t miss any information to fall behind.-Colored pens are a must since I am a visual person it’s very helpful to color coordinate; which also helps me review my notes because they become more organized.-I heard for Structures II, we are required to purchase the same book  so even though for this class it’s not a requirement, I’m planning on getting  it since I’m going to need it for next semester. It will maybe come in handy in this class too.-I also think it’s important to do your HW when it’s still fresh in your head. Usually same day or the next, it’s like a mini review and refreshes your memory of what you did in class; helps me remember and store it for long term.

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Lesya Khymych_Long Span




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Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome

a dome constructed of short struts following geodesic lines and forming an open framework of triangles or polygons


Plantagon’s Vertical Farm

Sweco, consulting engineering firm




Epcot Center

J. Tishman Realty & Construction of New York

Orlando, FL

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Space Frame


Space Frame: Is a framework, assembled in a three-dimensional manner that withstand and transfers the force applied to any place.

Lubetkin Beijing StadiumLubetkin Beijing Stadium,  Beijing China

Biosphere 2Biosphere 2, Tucson, AZ

123Wood Space Frame.

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Daniel Savoca – Bearing Wall

mosby load bearing 03 Identify & Remove a Load Bearing WallA Defintion: load-bearing wall (or bearing wall) is a wall that bears a load resting upon it by conducting its weight to a foundation structure.


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Larry Molina – Heavy Timber Construction

Principles of Stability in Structure

Architects: SARC Architects
Location: Joensuu, Finland
Building Owner: Senaatti-kiinteistöt
User: The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Forest Research Institute
Building consultant: ISS Proko Oy (Engel Rakennuttamispalvelut Oy)
Constructed Area: 7,650 sqm
Project Year: 2004
Photographs: SARC Architects



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Assignment # 1

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