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  1. jbello says:

    My Math Experience – Jose Bello

    My mathematical experience is a rather complicated story as it is for anyone. Mathematics and their effects on our lives surround us. To say when math started to take part of my life must have been before i have any memory to recall. I was a more artistically inclined child. I leaned more towards language, reading, and history than to mathematics. Until I reached algebra i didnt ‘think much about math. I was not too actively fascinated by it although i like the simple convenience of numbers and arithmetic for basic tasks. I didn’t take it for granted as much as a prepubescent child can be.
    Even through out my middle school years and high school years I struggled with math both from my disinterest and bad teachers now and then. Even grade wise i was exponetially worse at it that i was at history. I became more cautious in that i needed to learn more math and algebra in order to pass and continue to stay ahead in school. The irony that i could have learned a language much more easily than learn a course of math.
    Math despite being fairly straightforward. It is a very abstract subject. Without applied use or proper allegorical use. It is hard to conceive this math as more than drudgery and random number punching into expensive calculators.
    In college the application of more complex math and the use of experiments and actual uses for the applied math makes more logical and comprehensive to study the subject even at a glance. Even without having to do the exact math one can come close.
    Mathematics have made our society much better and livable for all of us so a little personal journey into the subject that make typing unto this computer and translating the binary code into our local and foreign vernaculars is worth at least giving a chance.

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