My Math experience:

I like math especially when I get it in first try. If some one teaches me once, I can understand quickly but I forget it easily if I don’t practice. The interesting thing about math is that there is many ways to get one answer. I was pretty good with math. I took AP calculus in high school and it was challenging but I enjoyed it. I took Calculus II and III in my first year in Citytech. I understood most of it and I am pretty positive it wasn’t that hard.

How to get “A” grade?

–       By having perfect attendance so we don’t miss any lecture and IF we have any problem and have to skip a class, ask classmates and professor on what you missed.

–       By doing assigned works and homework every time and on time so you can refresh what you did in class and practice more.

–       If we don’t understand we can make appointment with Professor and get help.

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  1. Excellent strategy for success.

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