About Me

Minji Kim’s Brand

Kim seeks happiness and self-satisfaction in her daily life. While this entails hanging out with friends, relaxing, and spending time on social media, Youtube, and Netlfix, it also entails hard work and exposing oneself to the unknown. Kim provably gives 100% at university and while working in the fashion industry and does not back out when required to do something new or uncommon. She seeks such challenges because she knows that they help her to grow and achieve her goals.

Minji Kim’s Mission Statement 

Minji takes joy in facing the unfamiliar as well as in traveling and gains her power and motivation from it. Them she uses that power to achieve her goals, be happy, and make the people around her happy, too.

Minji Kim’s Brand Logo

Kim is happy and enjoys life and therefore her logo is nothing more than a simple smile. The yellow color in the logo depicts the easy, fun parts of life such as meeting up with friends or having a lazy Sunday. The black color symbolizes the hard work, pain, challenges, and sometimes risky undertakings Minji needs to handle in order to achieve self-satisfaction.

Minji Kim’s Personal Goal

Kim puts a high value on rewarding her friends and family for their continuous support and will therefore spend more time with all of them upon graduation. Next to that she hopes to reinforce her existing language skills in English and French, especially in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Since Kim enjoys seeking out new challenges, she will gain basic knowledge in Italian and Japanese, soon.

Minji Kim’s Professional Goal

Kim’s ultimate goal is to one day present her own works at Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, Milan, and New York. Before that, however, she tries to be very specific about her objectives. In 2020, she will earn advanced certificates for Microsoft Excel and Power Point and collect all her knowledge and experience in designing, merchandising, garment producing, and fashion marketing to launch her first apparel business: Kim and Bantle.