Project Materials

1) Project Task

Title of the Project:

Using Inverse functions for solving real life problems.

Goal: Connecting the real-life applications with the topics and concepts learned in class. More specifically Applications of Inverse Functions.

Description: Based on the examples given in the pdf file in OpenLab with title and the video look for your own STEM application:

a) Applications of trig functions in real life. (examples) 

b) Watch the video with link as an example of real life applications:

c) Do your own online research.

You are expected to:

  • Pick your own STEM application.
  • Describe the application and the use of trig functions in that application.
  • Research and do your project by solving one problem or answering at least one question that is related to the application of trig functions.
  • Prepare your project in powerpoint and be ready to present it to class on the last session related to trig unit which will be announced in specifics later. (Two weeks from today you should be ready).
  • You can work in groups of no more than three as well as individually if you wish to do so.
  •              The power point should include: At least:
  1.  Five slides of powerpoint.
  2.  One picture or short gif of the application,
  3.  The theory of the application (interpretation).
  4. The goal for choosing it as application over infinitely many applications out there.
  5.  The question or the problem that you want to solve.
  6.  The tools that you are using to achieve that goal. (for measuring, observing etc).
  7.  Show a clear procedure of your researching and solving the problem
  8.  Upload your application on the OpenLab class site to share with others.
  9. Present to the class in a clear manner and be ready to answer any questions.

Note: Look at the Rubric to see what you are expected to do.

Examples of using inverse functions in real life applications:

Rubric for the STEM Application Project:

Inverse Functions Rubric

Inverse Functions: We’re Teaching It All Wrong!