Please share ideas about reading from the link provided. Bring examples of STEM applications using exponential and logarithmic functions as inverses of each other.

a) Read the information using the link below:

b) Take the 10 questions quiz at the bottom of the page. Have the record emailed to yourself. (If I ask you to show it to me, you should be able to)

c) Bring a practical example of using inverses related to exponential and logarithm functions. (ex. compounded interest…etc)


The Task for Inverse functions is due on Monday, Feb. 25

The task posted on files in our course site is due on Monday, Feb. 25, and it should be discussed here. (I am attaching it here as well).

Please focus on these issues:

  1. a) What are you asked to do in the first question a) in the task?                            b) Is there any formula that helps you to do that?                                                          c) What is known and what is unknown? Do you see any function ? If yes, specify the independent and the dependent variable and their relation in the function.
  2. What are you asked to do in the second question b) in the task?                            Does the formula help you to find the height straight forward, or you see the inverse function?
  3. In how many ways you can solve the question b from the task? Discuss. Think outside the box, bring any other ideas.

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