Welcome to Course Mat 0650

  1. Campus: New York City College of Technology
Semester: Fall 2019 (8/27/2019 – 12/20/2019)

Section: D060

Instructor: Lucie Mingla

Email:  lmingla@citytech.cuny.edu

Class Meeting: 1:00-3:05 pm

Room# 420 C

Office: Namm N-825

Office Hours: Wednesday,  12:30-1:00pm; 3:20-3:50pm


2) Course Description

TITLE: Elementary Algebra with Basic Mathematics Review

Fundamentals of elementary algebra with an
integrated review and reinforcement of arithmetic
skills. Topics include the real number system,
numerical evaluation, algebraic operations, algebraic
and graphical solutions of one and two variable linear
equations, word problems, algebraic fractions,
quadratic equations and the Pythagorean Theorem.

3) Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes Assessment Methods
1. Evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions, formulas, and
functions involving rational numbers in integer, fractional,
decimal, and scientific notation form.
2. Perform operations with and simplify polynomial, rational,
and radical expressions.
3. Solve one variable linear and factorable quadratic equations.                                                                                            4. Find and graph solutions to two variable linear equations                                                                                               5. Derive a two variable linear equation given the slope and yintercept, the slope and a point, or two points on its line graph.
6. Solve systems of two variable equations graphically and
7. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of algebra to
solve verbal problems including profit and loss, ratios and
proportions, percent, time-rate-distance, and simple geometric
problems involving area, perimeter, circumference, and the
Pythagorean Theorem.

4) Very Important Information

A. Testing/Assessment Guidelines:                                                                                                                                                       1. Class Average, based on class exams, quizzes, homework and classwork
= 30% of course average
2. Departmental Final Exam = 35% of course average
3. CUNY Elementary Algebra Final Exam (CEAFE) = 35% of course average
4. Course Average = 30% of Class Average + 35% of Dept. Final + 35% of CEAFE
5. To pass the MAT0630 course with a grade of S, a student must attain
a. An overall Course Average ≥ 70, AND
b. Departmental Final Grade ≥ 56

B. Use of a calculator is not permitted in this course.

Predicted due dates for HW assignments
Topics Assignment Numbers Due Dates
Arithmetic Review- sign numbers, order of operations, mult & division of fractional 1 -3 9/8
Exponents & evaluating expressions 4 – 5 9/15
Addition. Subtraction Multiplication & Division of polynomials. Combining like terms. 6 -7 9/22
Combining Rational Expressions 8-9 9/29
Factoring GCF, difference of perfect squares and trinomials where a=1 10 10/6
Factoring trinomials , by grouping and factoring completely 11 10/13
Solving Linear Equations 12 10/20
Solving Quadratic Equations & equations with decimals 13-14 10/27
Solving Rational Equations 15 11/3
Solving Literal Equations & inequalities 16-17 11/10
Solving word, ratio problems and percent problems 18-19 11/17
Lines- solving a system graphically and using substitution 20-21 11/24
Solving linear system by elimination 22 12/1
Roots, Radicals operations & Pythagorean Theorem here 23-25 12/8