I am a Transfer Student from Medgar Evers College BA Program (Biology). I attended Medgar Evers College for eight years. Within those eight years I gave birth to two healthy beautiful children, a boy and a girl. Due to having two children I took an inconsecutive 3 year break to care for my children. For the first two years I struggled with my remedial courses, especially the math. Math and I could never see eye to eye until I had a professor named J. Maître. His goal was to help you understand regardless of how many times he had to repeat a formula or a step; he made sure that you understood any and all concepts of the problem. Remedial math was the stumbling block in my way until I crossed paths with professor Maître. Fast forward, after eight long years I decided that I no longer wanted to major in Biology; I lost my passion along the way which is what brings me to New York City College of Technology. My new passion lies in Hospitality Management. My goal is to become an executive chef/baker and to write my very own cookbook. I want to tell a story through food, maybe even paint a few fairytales. I aim to please when it comes to my cooking. I like to challenge myself with all sorts of recipes.