Dear students, faculty, staff, alumni, advisors, and friends,

Please comment on City Tech’s institutional self-study, prepared as part of the college’s re-accreditation process. Your experience and insights are of critical importance to the cyclical planning process of our institution and to the vision for our future embodied in the self-study. The feedback you provide will help us chart the path we take over the next eight years.

The entire self study is a long document. Please, at the minimum, read and comment on the Executive Summary and the Conclusions. Of course feel free to comment on all other sections. Comments will be open until December 1, 2017.*

Additional information about the self study and accreditation processes are provided here.

Thank you for your time and commitment.

L. Jay Deiner (Chemistry) and Shelley Smith (Architecture), Faculty Co-Chairs

*There may be a delay of no more than one business day before the appearance of your comment due to moderation, in compliance with the Open Lab terms of use.