Final location #3


This picture is successful because it captures a beautiful view of the city through the oval frame. it is also very subtle, it looks like you’re looking through spyglass into the city.

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Depth of Field


I think this is my most successful photo that represents depth of field. You can see the stem is in focus while the background is complete blurred out.

Depth of field is what you see in the fore ground and what you do not see in the background. Depth of field creates a 3-D effect. You know there is something in the background but you cant tell what it exactly is.

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Depth of Field


This is one of the best photos I had taken all day. I believe this is a successful photo because of the use of rule of thirds on the left side of the photo. The plants are clear and sharp in the photo; while the background of the bridge is slightly blurry and soft. That was the use of shallow depth of field, causing the background to be blurred and the focal point to be sharp. Also the photo captures the iconic arch of the Brooklyn Bridge showing the viewer where we are.

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LL8 – Depth of field


From the field trip this is one of my favorite shot as its a great example of depth of field. I love the pattern of the circles behind and how they fade into the overall composition. also the angle this is taken gives a different perceptive that makes it a bit off center which works with the patterns were the toy is the thing with depth of field is that is focus so strongly on the main object and in this particular shot it allows the object to stand out from everything that going on with the background.overall is the distance from the closest and further object and in this picture being the toy as the closer object and the background being the further.

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SLuke Depth of field


This Photo was my favorite even before i saw it after taking it. The tree trunk has so much detail and the flower petal is like a drop of color. From all the detail surrounding the petal, things begin to blur into the background. You can still see that they are all connected but they look like two different parts. The closer part is in focus while the further part is out of focus. This is showing shallow depth of field.

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Learning Log 8 Depth of Field

I really like this picture that I shot because of the amount of blue that appears in the picture. The huge blue rock climbing rocks make for a very interesting background color and the smaller rock attached to it makes the picture look richer in color. I also look the strong yet subtile lines the come from the blue rocks letting you know that you are either getting closer and more sharp of an image or farther and a more blur image. I also like how the closes rock is a much darker blue then the blue rockers that are much farther and blurry.


Depth of Field is a element in photograph that photographers use to create a sense of depth and perspective in a photo. Adding depth gives a photo much more interest and adds dimension that you cannot see from shooting something flat. It also lets a person know what object or person is important and lets you now what is background by making everything else that is irrelevant blurry.

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LL8 Depth of Field

The depth of field image is focusing on the subject but the background is like an invisible subject. For example, a flower is by the ground with its leaves. It focuses on the leaves but background is blurred only to that item is on focus.

The photo that I chose is related to shallow depth of field as the focus is by the Brooklyn Bridge but facing towards the ground. It also has a historic train track that use to be there but the subway system is underground when we are here.


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LL8-Depth of Field

Define Depth of Field in your own words. How is it different than perspective?

Select your best photo taken during today’s class that is an example of shallow depth of field and post it with a short description of what makes this photo successful.

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Painting with Light

26442567981_d45b44b0db_mI like how the red and the green seem to cross. I like how the green looks like a perfect circle and how the red looks like an eclipse. The green fares off like fire at the end when you carefully look at it. The simplicity of the overall composition. There is a good amount of negative space. It hits right in the middle of the picture.

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Painting With Light

Before you can paint with light there are a few things you must set up in order to do this task correctly. First make sure the room you are shooting in is dark and the background is also dark as well. Also you need to set your camera to a shutter speed that is between 2 -8 secs so that you can have enough time to draw and so that the camera does not pickup to much light. Also you should use a tripod so the camera is steady and make sure you use an aperture of F11 or a little higher. Lastly use autofocus to focus your camera then change to manual focus when you begin to shoot. You can also use strobe lights to freeze a person in a certain motion and still be able to paint with light.


I really like how the to circles came out in this photo since both circles seem to intersect with each other. I really love how the colors goes very  well with each other and give me a christmas like feel.

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