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Depth of Field

Overall this is my best picture. The depth-of-field is very strong, and the colors are vibrant. Placing the flower in middle works good for this photograph because it increases the effectiveness of the beauty of the flower. This is important … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

In order to paint with light and have enough time to capture the motion, you have to have a slow shutter speed, we used 8″. We used a ISO of 100, and set the focus to manual focus. Since we … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

For this photograph we had a shutter speed of 10″. The method we used here is known as motion blur. Motion Blur happens when a picture is taken with a slow shutter speed capturing the photo slowly which creates a … Continue reading

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Exhibit Review

The Steve McCurry Exhibit in the Rubin Museum was really great. I loved the environment because it seemed simple and high class. The entrance felt warm and calm. It was interesting to see a restaurant section on the first floor. … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

I think this is one of my best portrait photo’s because the space around the head is evenly balanced out. The lighting is also very strong, creating a nice direct light for contrast on the face. When shooting a portrait … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

In this picture, we used a flood light coming from the left, also known as side light. This creates a beautiful contrast between the background, and flower. It also has nice colors, which are vibrant. I like how this type … Continue reading

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This photo looks very interesting, I like how it is nicely placed in the bottom right corner of the rule of thirds. The details on the metal leg looks very detailed creating a good point of interest. I also like … Continue reading

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HW#1 Photo Description

Wilson Sanchez COMD 2330 The photograph I choice is by, Eugene Richards, and its called, “Through a dusty window”. It was taken by, Richard, in New York, NY in 2001. During the collapse of the World Trade Center. The intention … Continue reading

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LL 1- The Thing Itself

The subject in the photograph tells a story, and has more in depth life to it. The photograph itself its just like any other photograph, it just shows a image. A photographer can make the subject in the photograph mean … Continue reading

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