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Depth of Field

This is the best photo that I took today. The depth of field is very strong, the background turns into blur. It lets us focus on those two birds on the center of picture, so that we can see every detail … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

This is the best photo that I took today. I think Jay’s blue shirt and the red scarf attain to a really beautiful color scheme in this photograph. Jay was looking the scarf and smiling, it seems like he has … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

I think this is the best one photo that our group took today. We slowed down the shutter speed as 1 second. Marvin was holding his food and sitting on the chair, his eyes was looking on the camera, we … Continue reading

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Portrait basics

I think this is the best picture that our group took today.  When we shoot a portrait, we have to consider the lighting and the emotion of the model. Broad light is when the model’s face is slightly turned away … Continue reading

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This is the one I like the most out of the photos that I have taken in class. Through  this lesson, I have learned that use different angles to take the picture. This shot is eye-level.  I focus on part … Continue reading

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Photo Description

                    Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. New York. 2011             The photograph “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” by Matthew Pillsbury is about the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading

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