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May 2-Class Trip

The reason I chose this as my best is because I feel that the strong horizontal line is strengthen by the verticals behind it. Also the drops of water are sharp and strong along with the leaf they sit upon. … Continue reading

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freezing motion

I choose this photo out of today’s group work because motion was capture appropriately; thus it does not feels as if the subjects stopped. The chain around the neck also strengthens the feel of movement since it is still in … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

I chose this photo because of the sharpness of the main subject and the blur contrast of the the other two subjects. Especially with the subject on the right the way you can see the table through him. Motion blur … Continue reading

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Rubin Museum

The Steve McCurry’s India exhibit gave a side car to the viewer for a tag along with McCurry on his journey through different parts of India; in which, he showed different people and different traditions and ways they were celebrated. … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

The important factors to consider when shooting a portrait is the general three(3) lighting, main light which cast the shadow, fill light which brightens the shadow and background light creates separation between subject and background. Broad and short lighting is … Continue reading

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LL3-Lighting Direction

I chose this photo from our best four list because of how well the flower fits within the frame. The almost symmetrical placements brings balance to work not giving too much attention to the white space. Also the lightening emphasizes … Continue reading

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I chose this photo out of today’s assignment, its a piece my from my group and i feel this was the strongest from our collection. The way the crack is the focused almost influences your mind to envision a dry … Continue reading

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Pillsbury’s view on Robot Bar The photo I chose came out of Matthew Pillsbury’s “Tokyo” collection, the piece is titled “Robot Bar-Tokyo, 2014.” The photo shows a section of the well known Robot Restaurant located in Shinjuku Japan. The Robot bar is famous for its … Continue reading

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Photos last a lifetime

The “thing” within the photograph can/or will change through the passing of time but the photo of it will last. Nature is constantly making slight changes that is not always noticed thus interrupting the certain feel or view of an … Continue reading

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