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SLuke Depth of field

This Photo was my favorite even before i saw it after taking it. The tree trunk has so much detail and the flower petal is like a drop of color. From all the detail surrounding the petal, things begin to … Continue reading

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LL7 Painting with Light Shanelle

The paint with light is creating and energy source out of her hand. You can’t see the object making the light which makes it more interesting. The strobe light lights up her top and on the top the duck is … Continue reading

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LL6- Freezing Motion

Alicia  is jumping and trying to stay conservative in the picture because she is wearing a dress today. I like this picture because she looks like she is having fun and you can see that she was moving by the … Continue reading

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LL5- Shutter speed

This photo taken of Ellen reminds me of a horror movie. She may have been walking and the background is plain. You can’t see her features or any details of who it is. This was my first favorite after the … Continue reading

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LL4- Portrait Basics

This photo have short light and shows the subjects features. It gives the pose empowerment and the blue brings out the shot. The shadows on the broad side shows dept. The asymmetrical pose of the subject dominates the page and … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

This picture is an extreme close up and the flower is taking up the whole shot. The dark background brings out the light and the colors pop. With this photo we used a spotlight at the side creating a side … Continue reading

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This photo is visually engaging because even though it’s a chair it has personality. The leading lines and balanced symmetrical help the chair to pop. Also, the chair is alone in the hall and the close up make the chair … Continue reading

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HW 1 Photo Description

Shanelle Luke ComD 2330 The Photograph by Eugene Richards is titled “Truck hauling extracted oil”. This photo was taken in Watford City, ND.  2012. In this photo a truck is on fire. I assume that the extracted oil that it is … Continue reading

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The Thing Itself

In “The Thing Itself,” from The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski, the difference between the thing that is shown in a photograph or the subject of the photograph and the photograph is the actuality in the acceptance of fact by … Continue reading

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