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Luis-Quinones LL8 Depth of Field

I chose this photo as my best photo because the background gives it a shadow depth of field and the red flower gives it a crisp beautiful look. Also I like the comparison between a dead flower and a new … Continue reading

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Luis-Quinones Painting with Light

I really like this Photo because  I like how the the beam comes out of the hand showing how powerful it is. The lighting is very bright giving a scare look to the viewer and it is definitely a form … Continue reading

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Luis Quinones-Freezing Motion

I really like this photo because I like how both characters are simultaneously jumping giving it a reflective view. Also the lighting that that gives a high contrast to both characters. It feels like they are fusing each other. Another … Continue reading

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Luis Quinones Rubin Museum Assignment

                                                Steve McCurry’s Rubin Museum            Based on my class trip to the Rubin Museum in my thoughts … Continue reading

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Luis Quinones HW#3-Lighting Direction

I really liked this photo because I liked how the light is concentrate on the flowers giving it a more colorful setting to it and a better texture. The lighting that was use on this shot was the side light, … Continue reading

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Luis Quinones HW#2 Composition

This photo is one of my favorite photo’s ever taken because it shows how the stool was in focus while the background is blur. This is called a shallow space shot where you concentrate the camera to the object and … Continue reading

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Luis Quinones-HW-1 Photo Description

  Michael Kenna Gallery 14 The photograph I chose is an image taken by Michael Kenna of the City of New York. The picture was taken in a bird’s eye view angle of Fifth Avenue near the Empire State … Continue reading

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