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Depth of Field

I think this is my most successful photo that represents depth of field. You can see the stem is in focus while the background is complete blurred out. Depth of field is what you see in the fore ground and … Continue reading

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Painting With Lights

In order for us to create this image, we need to set the camera to a long exposure time. This was 10 seconds. We also need to use a strobe light to light up the subject. As soon as the … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

Shutter Speed is how long the camera lens is open to allow light in to take a photo. We use the shutter speed of 10 seconds to take this photo. By allowing the camera lens to be open for 10 … Continue reading

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Steve McCurry’s Exhibit

The Steve McCurry exhibit is one of the most beautiful exhibit I have ever seen. As soon as I came out the elevator on the 5th floor, I was captivated with the theme of the exhibit. The walls are painted … Continue reading

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LL4-Portrait Basics

I think this is the best portrait I took today because the person is well lit and fills the frame well. You can tell the person is happy by the smile and how the lighting emphasizes it. The Important factors … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

The lighting for this image is a side light. We used a spotlight on the right hand side of the flowers and moved the camera a little back. By setting the lighting this way, it creates a dramatic mood. You … Continue reading

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LL2-Composition – Best Photo

This is what I think is the best photo from what my group took today. I think this is the best photo my group took today. I think this is the best because this photograph is visually engaging. You can … Continue reading

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HW #1 – Photo Description >Photography>The Lams Of Ludlow Street>The 9th Image The photograph I choice is by, Thomas Holton, and it’s called, “The Lams of Ludlow Street”. “The Lams of Ludlow Street” is an investigation into the life of one Chinese family living … Continue reading

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LL1 The Thing Itself

The difference between the thing that is shown in a photograph or the subject of the photograph and the photograph is there is more tho the photograph than it may seem. The photographer knows what is actually going on in … Continue reading

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