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Learning Log – Depth of Field

I feel this is my best photo as it’s a good example of a shallow depth of field. The sharp focus of the flowers make it easy to distinguish them from the background. Speaking of which, depth of field is an … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

  A flashlight and a strobe light was used to create this picture. Once the strobe light went off, the subjects were directed to move their flashlights around in order to create streams of light. What works in this picture … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

This photo is good because it fills the frame and there’s the sense the scarf is flowing behind him. It’s a shot of exact moment just before the scarf lands on his shoulder. Also a sense of direction, as the … Continue reading

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Steve McCurry Exhibit Review

The Steve McCurry exhibit at the Rubin Museum was really interesting and had a lot of beautiful photos from the photographer’s portfolio. What’s interesting about the exhibit was that all of the walls were this dark shade of blue, instead … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

This is a good photo because it feels like a profile picture one would use in business. The back lighting is a bit off-center and could be less harsh, but there’s a nice professional feel to it. Important factors to … Continue reading

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The way the light hits through the petals is extremely pretty. Easily brings out the color in the flower as well. The direction the flower is facing is the same direction from where the light is coming from. This kind … Continue reading

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I chose this photo from our group photoshoot because I like how the light falls right on the crack. The horizontal line near the top indicates it’s a type of wooden surface, but you can almost imagine it as a … Continue reading

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Photo Description HW1

“Sitting on the High Line” by Matthew Pilsbury A photograph of two people sitting on some steps in NYC, looking at what can be assumed are their phones. Part of Pilsbury’s “Cityworks” series, it’s a photo intended to show … Continue reading

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The Thing Learning Log

In The Thing Itself, Szarkowski talks about the differences between the thing that is shown in the photograph, the subject, and the photograph itself. The thing that is shown in the photograph is simply the moment the photographer captured when … Continue reading

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