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Depth of Field

I feel as if this was my strongest photo from today because of the perspective and point of view it was taken from. It was taken from a worms point of view but everything in the background can be seen … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

I like how the red and the green seem to cross. I like how the green looks like a perfect circle and how the red looks like an eclipse. The green fares off like fire at the end when you … Continue reading

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Freezing Motion

I feel that the strongest features of this photo is the space and between the floor and his shoe and the shadow his foot creates to show he is suspended in air. Also the space between the ball and his … Continue reading

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Steve McCurry’s Exhibition Review

The exhibit itself was blue. The walls on that floor were colored which seemed to me to be a cobalt blue. When you first walk onto the scene there are dimly lit lights that are directed to each photo separately, … Continue reading

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LL4-Portrait Basics

 I really like this picture and how the deep shadows add to the mood. I felt it was something new, something a little out of the box for my group and I. The contrast is what draws your eye to … Continue reading

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“Best” Photo

I chose this photo as the best photo because I feel that this image captures the chair in a different yet unique perspective. Instead of it being a something to sit on, it has now become something to look at. … Continue reading

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The photograph is called Empire State Building, Study 1, New York City, USA, 1978. By Michael Kenna. This I a picture that depicts the Empire State Building located in Manhattan. I believe that the intention of the photographer was to … Continue reading

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“The Thing Itself”

The thing shown in a photograph I would say is just the surface. Like a first impression, is what you first notice wen you see it for the first time. Also when just looking at it you tend to have … Continue reading

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