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Prieto, A – LL8 Depth of Field

I chose this as my best image because I think it has a lot of elements that make it very dynamic. The way that the bridge intersects with the branch makes an allegory for the man-made vs. the organic elements … Continue reading

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Prieto, A – LL7 Painting With Light

I chose this image as our most succesful because Marcus has a really silly and fun expression on his face, and the light that we painted on the background really reflects that. To paint with light, we had to first … Continue reading

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Prieto, A – LL6 Freezing Motion

I chose this photo as a good example of freezing motion because although Jose’s arms and legs are coming out of the picture, the intensity of the jump is very visible through his body movement. His arms and legs are … Continue reading

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Prieto, A – LL5 Shutter Speed

  This photo was taken in the entryway of the building as students were swiping their IDs to get in. It was tricky to get a good shot because the amount of waiting involved just to catch the right moment. … Continue reading

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HW6: Steve McCurry’s India Exhibit

The Steve McCurry exhibit was made up of large photographs being “floated” off of the dark blue walls. They did not have frames around them and they were gently lit from above so they each had a small spotlight. The … Continue reading

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Prieto, A – LL4 Portrait Basics

When taking a photo it is important to remember the way that the subject is illuminated, because it can change the mood of the whole photograph. The distance from the subject is important as well. Another thing to consider is … Continue reading

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LL3 Prieto, A – Lighting Direction

I chose this image as our best one because of how dramatically the background changed the tone. To me, it was even more impressive than the change to black that the spotlight caused. The calm, blue gray background was such … Continue reading

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Prieto, A – LL2

I chose this image from today’s group shot because I find that it was very engaging. The angle of the shot was taken from a high angle view of the stool we were shooting turned upside down. We also decided to … Continue reading

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Prieto, A. -Photo Description

Dance Studio, Elmhurst The photograph I chose is from Jeff Liao’s photo series Habitat 7. It is titled Dance Studio, Elmhurst. The photograph shows a man with his legs crossed, holding a guitar. He is sitting alone in a pink … Continue reading

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Prieto, A. LL1 – The Thing Itself

In “The Thing Itself” in The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski, he makes a point to differentiate the subject that is being photographed from the actual final photograph. That is because the photographer acts as an interpreter, or a translator, to … Continue reading

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