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LL8 – Depth of field

From the field trip this is one of my favorite shot as its a great example of depth of field. I love the pattern of the circles behind and how they fade into the overall composition. also the angle this … Continue reading

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painting with light – alberto bernal

with today shooting assignment of painting with light,i felt that creating something that looks like the subject has super power . I think the idea of the subject having the light look like he’s controlling electricity will make him look … Continue reading

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freezing motion – Alberto Bernal

This is a great picture of freezing motion, in this picture i was able to catch the subject midair throwing the ball at someone.but it looks like he’s either about to catch it or he’s throwing it. Another thing that … Continue reading

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Steve McCurry exhibit essay- Alberto Bernal

The exhibit of Steve McCurry was at the Rubin museum, the museum itself was a beautiful building with a grand staircase right in the middle that let to many exhibit from India. The walls of the exhibit were blue and … Continue reading

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LL4 Portrait Basic – Alberto Bernal

  when shooting a portrait is important to consider the direction of the light, that way  we can show certain areas of the face more than other and give the portrait a better overall mood. the different of broad and … Continue reading

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LL3-light direction_alberto bernal

The picture I choose for my group picture is the one that we used with no nature light in the background and use a spotlight to focus mostly in the droopiness of the flower., I felt the lighting would add … Continue reading

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composition- Alberto Bernal

Out of the pictures i shot with my group, this is the one i find visually interesting.i find this visually interesting become is a good example of deep space and i find it interesting how the leading line on the … Continue reading

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Homework 1: Photo description- Alberto Bernal

Matthew Pillsbury in the photo tittle: main reading room, New York public library is a wide angle photo that show the modern way of what’s people go to the library now which is to work in their computer rather than … Continue reading

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The Thing itself

In the paragraph “the Thing itself”  the different between the thing that is shown in a photograph or the subject of the photograph is talking about how photographer end result of the photography is what it’ll be remember about that … Continue reading

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