LL3- Lighting Direction


This photo has a direct spotlight on the flowers against a dark background. This image invokes a feeling of spring and freshness. The lighting helps to enhance that feeling by the fact that it is almost reminiscent of sunlight shining down on the flowers and slowly opening the petals on the flowers. The red color of the two flowers in the front looks absolutely brilliant and as if its receiving a warm breeze  and the two yellow flowers in the back are partially open as if they are slowly starting to bloom on as well. The light almost looks as if it is being absorbed by the yellow flowers and they have a softer glow which also helps the lighting of the first two flowers to not appear harsh. The flowers look fresh and happy on a spring day.

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  1. rmichals says:

    A spotlight in the studio does look a lot like sunlight. Both are considered direct light. this means that the light hits the subject all from one angle and creates sharp shadows.

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