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This inclass project of exploring our creativity of painting with light was fun.There were so many trial and errors When it came to finding the right composition as well as capturing and slowing down the shutter speed on the camera. … Continue reading

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Shutter speed

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It’s just flick

This photograph of me really set the mood of seriousness. The lighting arrangement helped capture a really solid composition. What I liked about this photo is the expression that I’m making and the transition of dark to light which is … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

Todays assignment was to discover Portrait Lighting.Taking various head shots of each other using photography techniques of broad lighting, fill light and background light. Using these techniques helped create form and visual interest in the photos. The photo that I … Continue reading

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The Fragile Flower

This weeks main topic was lighting direction with flowers.At first I was really excited that we was going to use a back drop with a light bulb source. It took us a while to set up how we wanted to … Continue reading

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Alex Web gallery Exhibit at Aperture

During my visit to Aperture to see the Alex Webb exhibit was truly amazing!My familiarity with Aperture in the past ensured me that they were capable of getting Alex Webbs photography pieces. The exhibit was taken place in the Aperture … Continue reading

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Urban Jugle

Spending the day at Brooklyn bridge park and shooting photographs was an eye awakening experience. I can see why Photographers love taking pictures in unusual places on a consistent bases.For,this piece that I’ve taken something that spoke to screamed an … Continue reading

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Composition and Camera angle: Strong horizontal Line

This camera angle that my partner and I used is called “Strong horizontal Line” which is a dividing point of the photograph.We captured the seam between the chair cutting it across from one point to another. I really like how … Continue reading

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Dinner on Cloud 9 – Matthew Pillsbury

jamar Matthew Pillsbury Link to page:

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Understanding Photography

What makes a great photograph is understanding  the  feeling  of it. Yes, taking  a  picture is  a simple thing to do, But  there’s  more  than just  taking a photograph of someone or something.It’s the emotional concept that you’re trying to … Continue reading

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