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Painting with light

It seems like the subject is holding some sort of fire. By using the light source it creates an an imagery of fire and light. Especially when the subject is very dark the fire looking subject stands out a lot … Continue reading

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Motion capture

This photograph deals with motion blur. However not all subjects are in motion, the two in the center are still. It’s interesting because the subjects that are blurred are wearing black so they seem evil and the subject in white … Continue reading

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Lighting for mood

Since we had the screen with the very dark background, the mood is serious and almost mysterious like. The direction of the light is on the right with a very soft fill on the left of my face. Since we … Continue reading

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Portrait lighting

this is a good photo because it has broad lighting. In the left of my face we can see the triangular lighting perfectly even though I am facing off to the side. Which it can also be the short lighting … Continue reading

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Flower lighting direction

  The flower has a light going through the pedals and it almost looks like a lantern in a way. It reminds me of the Japanese or Chinese lantern that they have because it’s made out of a certain type … Continue reading

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Aperture Exhibition

As I first entered the exhibition, I noticed all the wonderfully placed photograph on the walls and as I got to the center of these photographs it was all telling a story. I looked around the room and I notice … Continue reading

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This is a photograph of the Voice Tunnel in New York City. This photo is taken by Matthew Pillsbury in 2013. It is a black and white photo and the subject of the photo seems to be a woman who … Continue reading

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What makes a great photograph?

In my opinion, a great photograph is a picture that displays emotion to a person. Where someone can look at it and make numerous of interpretations based on life experience each person has faced. The beauty of photography is that … Continue reading

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