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Hi my name is Geneva, I'm a junior at the City Tech studying Advertising Design. Passion for designing and stylizing anything. Love doing hands on activities and I'm open to learning, experiencing and trying new things.

Painting with Light

I think this photo is successful because how the movement I am showing can be expressed through the direction of the light, with the light having a yellow gel on it I feel it shows speed and quick motion. The way … Continue reading

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Shutter speed and Capturing Motion

In this photo you have a motion blur of Marc spinning is a chair while I’m in the other chair not moving at all. This is interesting to me because it shows contrast between the two main subjects in the … Continue reading

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Description of Lighting (Nov. 3)

The lighting in the photo is positioned in a 45 degree angle and I would classify this as a broad lighting just for the fact that the ear would be visible had it not been for the shadow and the … Continue reading

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Lighting Mood

I like how in this picture the bright lighting of the front light expresses the mood of happiness, plus given the face that I’m laughing . Furthermore, I believe that the whites and highlights in the photo adds to the … Continue reading

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In class Portrait Lighting

I like how her face is dark and creates a shadow. This is due to the light being position higher than she is and casting a side light toward her (45 degree angle), but instead of it shining on her face … Continue reading

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Lighting Directions

This is one of my favorite photos from the studio lighting session we had in class, because of how beautiful the silhouette of the flowers and vase looks. The way the flowers are placed is quite interesting and I think … Continue reading

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Aperture, Alex Webb Exhibition Review

The tour at aperture of the Alex Webb exhibit titled “La Calle” was a wonderful experience, when you first exit from the elevator on the left side of the 4th floor there is a sitting area where you can look … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Photo

I really enjoyed this photo and I think its visually engaging because of the single leaf that stood out against the dark color of the tree. I would consider the lead to be apart of the Rules of Thirds grid … Continue reading

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Composition and Camera Angle: Symmetry

The camera angle in which I took this photo is in a symmetric angle, when a photo is symmetric that means it has a sense of balance and control. The way in which my team member and I try to … Continue reading

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Photo Description- Eugene Richards- Stepping Through The Ashes The photograph that spoke out to me and really held my attention would have to be one featured in a book called ‘Stepping Through The Ashes” by Eugene Richards. This collection of photos were taken after the 9/11 Attack … Continue reading

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