Shutter speed and Capturing Motion


In this photo you have a motion blur of Marc spinning is a chair while I’m in the other chair not moving at all. This is interesting to me because it shows contrast between the two main subjects in the photo, plus I would say that this photo is playful yet calming because of my expression which is contrasting with the fun spinning that Marc is doing. The great amount of saturation in color along with this bright lighting also adds to the feel of the photo, this photo gives off a positive vibe. The Shutter speed is 0.8, the aperture 14.0 and has a focal length of 24.0 mm.


I really enjoy this frozen motion of Marc and Trevor “fighting” because it symbolizes action and excitement to me. The black and white element of this photos is also great because it brings out the silhouettes in the both of them. Also given the fact that the natural light from outside really lights the background. The Shutter speed is 1/500, the aperture 4.5 and has a focal length of 31.0 mm.

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Hi my name is Geneva, I'm a junior at the City Tech studying Advertising Design. Passion for designing and stylizing anything. Love doing hands on activities and I'm open to learning, experiencing and trying new things.
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