Homework 1

Thomas Holton took a photograph of a Chinese family when they were about to get ready to have lunch. The album in which this photo is in is called “The Lams of Ludlow Street”. The photo was taken inside the Chinese family’s home it looks like it is in their living room. This family lives with everyday struggles but they are happy with the little they have, you can see in their faces and their family structure that they have order in a world of chaos. I believe that the photographer try to show how this family lives in such tide space but it also to show how they can find in their hearts to show the little they have like for example you only see 5 members of this family 3 kids and 2 adults but there are 6 plates on the table meaning that they had one place for Thomas Holton. You get a mood of poverty but also of happiness you see the poverty on the way they live but the happiness on their faces and their body language.

There are some photography elements in this photo like pattern and repetition and dominant eye. You can see the pattern with the coats, lights, plates, and even the cloths that the woman is wearing. Thomas Holton also used the element of Dominance because you can see how the family dominates your view because they are the center of attention he focused on them I believe he did this because there is nothing more important than family. Thomas Holton also fill the frame with everything in the family living room, it wasn’t a big room so I believe getting as much details as he could was not too hard. In this photo Holton defiantly show some of the values of this particular family.

http://www.thomasholton.com/ The Lams of Ludlow Street

Samuel Acosta

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