Composition and Camera Angle: Symmetry


The camera angle in which I took this photo is in a symmetric angle, when a photo is symmetric that means it has a sense of balance and control. The way in which my team member and I try to achieve such task was by lining up the chair to the center of the window frame so that if you were to cover one half of the photo you should see the same thing on the other side. I feel that not only does this photo show balance but it shows calmness, given the fact that it was raining this day I feel like it also sets the mood of the photo. In my opinion this photo makes me want to sit in the chair and just watch whatever   is happening outside, or even read a book and just relax.

About Geneva Finklea

Hi my name is Geneva, I'm a junior at the City Tech studying Advertising Design. Passion for designing and stylizing anything. Love doing hands on activities and I'm open to learning, experiencing and trying new things.
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