Understanding Photography

What makes a great photograph is understanding  the  feeling  of it. Yes, taking  a  picture is  a simple thing to do, But  there’s  more  than just  taking a photograph of someone or something.It’s the emotional concept that you’re trying to convey in a picture that instantly makes an audience either laugh, Cry, Mad, Happy, in love or even keeps you in awe of the moment. A book tells a story that  everyone wants to hear, But not everyone will understand if your story doesn’t have a good beginning, Middle and ending because consistency is  key. It’s just the simple things you shoot that carry’s out a strong symbolic message, And hopefully gives an insight to others of how you perceive the world.

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  1. rmichals says:

    It is easy to take a photograph and most people, in our society anyway, do it everyday or at least often. The question is how to capture emotion and feeling and tell a story without the luxury of multiple pages and time to unfold the beginning, middle and end, like a book.

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